Site Specific For Nowhere

Site Specific For Nowhere
A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT)
12. August 2017

This is a structuralist revisitation of walking and standing activities, where stepping is multiplied and unfolded into a densified activity. Looking back into series of practices where materialist ideas of citizenship are central, a spiral restatement of being and belonging here, arises. As a material event rather than a conceptual truth: presence turns gesture into an activity. Unfolding a blurry and uncanny identity, this pedestrian activity is developed into a dance or a ritual where movement dwells and maps sets of relations with the space in which the performance is happening.

With an education on Dance and Visual Arts, the works of Dinis Machado develop from the crossing point of this two areas: were the concrete gesture of plastic construction is reclaimed and worked as choreographic material.

Lighting designer Fabian Nyman is a part of Anrikningsverket in productions as Norbergfestival and their other projects. Machado and Nyman incepted a collaboration through the birth of Site Specific For Nowhere at Norbergfestival 2017.


Performance originally commissioned by Material Fatigue, an autonomous branch of the Norbergfestival 2017 programme: a set of actions and exhibited works curated by Frida Sandström (SE) and Aleksei Borisionok (BY).

Material Fatigue is part of the two year project The Glossary of the Event, supported by artistic research and development funding from the Royal Institute of Art.