the great silence

the great silence
Gitte Eidslott

9. – 10. March 2018


The great silence, or The Fermi paradox, is the contradiction between the probability that says our galaxy may inhabit other civilizations, and the total lack of proof. In other words: It’s the big echo of nothingness that bounces back from space in our continuous search for other life.

In this exhibition Eidslott plays with form, perception and materials with work that mediates between the abstract and the figurative as she questions the need for order and systems in a so-called functional society. The need to understand, to evolve, to expand. It’s existentialism with a touch of anxiety and weltschmerz, but also hopefulness and awe over the things that we don’t comprehend.


Gitte Eidslott is a Malmö based artist from Norway, primarily working with abstraction and perception as a theme and driving force. She is graduated from Akademin Valand and Akademie der bildenden Künste.