14. – 16. May 2021

An exhibition stored by Johan Nahoj

with contributions by Olof Broström, Kah-Bee Chow, Ingrid Furre, Helen Haskakis, Carl-Oskar Jonsson, Ellinor Lager, Olof Marsja, David Nilson, Olof Nimar, Anne-Marte Overaa, Marie Raffn and Titus Wonsey.

(an ant step; an and; an use-to-be; a squeeze; beads; knots; drip; knit; drops; one icicle; barrels; mispels; handles; a slogan; a girl; a hand; pillar; rubber; two flowers; some yarrow)

The shelf is a shelter and a shell, a body and a landscape, a frame and platform, a container of knowledge, a placeholder for thoughts, storage for past and future, a carrier of images, a depot, a thing to lean against, lie on top of, be forced into, hung from, delicitaly placed on – a show off, and a hideout – a place for rest and inventory.