Olli Aarni & Arsi Keva

Music and video performances by Olli Aarni and Arsi Keva.

18. May 2018

Olli Aarni guides the audience to a secret valley where reality condensed into magic goo will be dripping from the speakers. Aarni’s sounds are based on heartfelt timbres, non-linearity and static harmony, and the soundscapes yield rhythmic repetition and create worlds to get lost in.

Aarni’s discography spans over 20 tapes, LPs and CDs on independent labels in four continents, and he has performed in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Japan.

Dj Arsi Negele. Rare east african disco with hand drawn visuals by Afro7 Records’ in-house designer & visual artist Arsi Keva. When living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Arsi searched for records by setting up photocopied ‘vinyls wanted’ -posters with his telephone number.