Intonal Electronic Picnic

Intonal Electronic Picnic
Intonal festival
12. August 2017

Electronic picnic featuring both terrific live acts and DJs. Come and remember the highlights of this year’s Intonal festival, hear the best stories from behind the scenes or just enjoy the music and company. To get that special Intonal vibe going, we’ve decided on the artist-run exhibition space Alta Art Space on the very much industrial Celciusgatan as our picnic spot, instead of some boring lawn. The event is free of charge, but we encourage each and all to bring their own picnic.

live acts & DJs:
Malmö Nya Dronesällskap
Elena Smon Wolay
Five O Clock Traffic
Golden Ivy
Elvira Varghans & Maja Li Härdelin: Syntestesi
Sergio Rizzolo