Bowerbird Fliptrick (intrinsic sick trip)

Bowerbird Fliptrick (intrinsic sick trip)

Frank Zitzmann, Layla Nabi, Maximillian Sthühlen, Mischa Sanders, Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig, Philipp Putzer, Rasmus Roos Lindquist, Ruth Unger, Theresa Rothe and Ullrich Klose

31. August – 9. September 2018


We are pleased to announce the opening of Bowerbird Fliptrick (intrinsic sick trip), a collaboration between Alta Art Space and Galleri CC. The show is hosted simultaneously in the exhibition spaces of Alta Art Space and Galleri CC.
Curated by Schimmel Projects – Art Centre Dresden, the exhibition features works from eleven artists from four different countries; Germany, France, Italy and Denmark.

Bowerbird Fliptrick (intrinsic sick trip) is a fragmented tale of fetishism, luring objects, the urge to collect, transportation and the wish not to die. Oh! No worries. Take that blue pill. For real. It will make you dance like a star. We can’t wait…

The exhibition was also featured on KubaParis – Zeitschrift für junge Kunst