Basis of Existence

Basis of Existence

Louise Sparre

13. – 15. August 2021

Essence – development – transformation Basis of Existence operates with a form of development or transformation. The exhibition is in an elastic limbo between constellations and microbes, between construction and degradation. Between the fragility and the vibrant.  – processes – genetics – science –  Skinless and yet with interface

Louise Sparre b. 1977 educated at The Funen Art Academy. Sparre’s field is BioArt. BioArt deals with living tissues, bacteria, living organisms, and life processes. Her practice is generally installable. She works indoors, outdoors and site-specifically. Often she combines several of her different sculptural elements into one unified whole and creates a form of dialogue or suspense. Sparre sees her practice as a form of artistic research or exploration that dives into and opens up the natural sciences in a visual idiom.

Her focal point is micro-macro-cosmic. The parallels between outer space, which has probably generated the elements that make up all living organisms, via supernova explosions and the microscopic world fascinates Sparre. She believes that we are all created from stardust and that every little microorganism is an important part of a larger context and that all living organisms are part of a giant existential ecosystem. Cells, microbes, planets and galaxies are part of her palette and our body’s building blocks and building blocks for all organisms on the planet, is what occupies Sparre

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Art Foundation and the Foundation for Danish Swedish Cooperation.