Opening: Saturday 28. September 2019, 18:00 – 24:00
Finissage: Sunday 29. September 2019, 12:00 – 16:00

Mathieu Bessey • Christoph Blawert • Sarah Bogner 
Felix Boekamp • Sam Bornstein • André Butzer 
Giorgo de Chirico • Aneta Corovic • Matt Dillon 
Hanna Fiegenbaum • Kolja Gollub • Anna Gröger 
Markus Heller • Andy Hope 1930 • Marcel Hüppauff 
Tina Kohlmann • Paula Linke • Daniel Mendel-Black 
Leonie Nagel • Bernice Nauta • John Newsom
Rade Petrasevic • Lars Rasmussen • Simon Reutlinger 
Timo Roter • Christian Rothmaler • Adrianne Rubenstein
Hank Schmidt in der Beek • Fabian Schubert 
Philipp Schwalb • Wolfgang Voegele • Josef Zekoff

beautiful tableaus, disturbing, original colors, different size and also shapes. condition: good++ provenience; got hold of a large collection: about 100 paintings and sculptures (international) directly from private collector from Paris. Attention: won’t be showing as originals. because dont have certificate. neither have the time running to museums or such things, dont know if its for real or just copies, definitly gorgeous. Only bid and look if Agree.on display for two days only, will sell fast,chance wont come again, please come early and maybe bring friend.
W. Spiess (will not come for opening – have serious business melting)